The Black Mags are a brand new rock’n’roll project founded by Native Nashvillians. Having spent years on the road and in different cities defining their respective sounds, it took a mutual homecoming for two Tennessee-bred brothers to combine forces. 
    Vocalist/keyboardist Conner Hastings and Canadian-born drummer Jacob Bright began as a hypnotic lo-fi duo that rapidly rose to prominence in Charleston, South Carolina. They spent countless evenings rehearsing after hours in a downtown art gallery, developing chemistry and honing their sound.   Seeking room for further growth, Conner and Jacob relocated to Nashville, TN in October 2014. In order to push their sonic boundaries, they recruited Conner’s brother Will Hastings (at the time a solo artist and guitar-slinger for hire) from the road shortly after their arrival.   Two of Music City’s prodigal sons had returned home to move forward in a new direction tuned to the pulse of a rapidly evolving scene.
    After a year discovering their sound, the trio burst onto the Music City performance circuit as The Black Mags.   The combination of Conner’s eerily approachable songwriting, Bright’s unique grasp of dynamics, and Will’s arsenal of guitar sounds created a truly alternative brand of rock.  The group initially operated on the word-of-mouth show feedback, and quickly garnered comparisons to prominent national acts such as Cage the Elephant, Modest Mouse, the Strokes and the Pixies.  A steadily developing on-stage reputation led them up and down the East Coast in the winter of 2015, quite a feat for a group with no recorded material available at the time.
    In early 2016, the band recruited its fourth member, Josh Williams on electric bass, and entered Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studios to begin production on their debut eponymous EP.  Following that August 2016 release, which garnered immediate international radio and press attention, the band has resumed touring regionally as a quartet.  They are currently torching stages across the Southeast and preparing for a full-length album, which should begin production in 2017.  



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