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1) I HAVE PERMISSION FROM MY ENTIRE CREATIVE TEAM TO PUBLISH MY IMAGES IN THE BLACK MAGS The creative team can be anyone involved in the creation of your images (photographer, model, mua, etc).
2) I give THE BLACK MAGS one time, free of charge, nonexclusive right to use in print and online publication, social media posts, and slideshow video presentations for social media. I agree to hold harmless THE BLACK MAGS against any liability, claim, demand, action, or suit against THE BLACK MAG arising from the use of the images.
3) I either have rights or permissions from the creative who owns these images, including copyright, to publish in THE BLACK MAGS
4) I understand that there are no free issues for contributors and there are no compensations paid to the contributor.
5) I understand that the submitted images must not be published in other magazines, but can be shared before on social media.
6) I understand and give permission for minor retouching or cropping of submitted images to make them print-ready.

submission Guidelines

Here are the submission guidelines:

  • Please make sure you have all the details of the creative team and names they want to be published and make sure to submit the correct names and active Instagram handles of the creatives.

  • Please submit Minimum 3 High-Resolution photos from one shoot and you can submit photos from max. 3 shoots in a submission.

  • Please rename the photos by the name of the model/photographer before submitting and make sure there's no watermark or logo on the photos. Low-resolution photos or Screenshots will be rejected. (How to check for High-Resolution photos)

  • You can provide photos access permission or share them at

  • Please use the email template below for submitting a set to us. This is a mandatory requirement for Submissions

submission pro

Submissions Pro offers Exclusive benefits over regular submissions. There's a Submission Pro for everyone to choose from. You can select from Express Review, Highlight Feature, Competiton for Cover, Front Cover & Pro Feature.​ These Submissions Pro comes with exciting benefits like Priority to submission & service, Free Copies, Money Back Guarantee and many more.

Email Template


THEME: Fashion, Boudoir (Select any One)

MODEL: stage name @instagramhandle 

Facebook Link: _____________
PHOTOGRAPHER: stage name @instagramhandle

Facebook Link: _____________
OTHER CREDITS(If any): Title(MUA, Hair, etc.), stage name @instagramhandle

MORE CREDITS(If any): Title(MUA, Hair, etc.), stage name @instagramhandle and more creatives details in the same format

COUNTRY: photographer & model

SET TITLE(compulsory):

SUBMISSIONS PRO(If used any pro feature for submission): mention the order number 

LINK TO PHOTOS: Gdrive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, iCloud or other platforms (share the permission to access the photos at:

Use the subject line “Open Submission” for making a submission.

Use the subject line “Update Submission” for updating photos in your current submission.

*** You must use this E-mail template to provide all requested information *

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